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Foot Massage Ball

Foot Massage Ball

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As part one of our unique, "3 Steps to Foot Success" program, this specially designed Foot Massage Ball is used to massage the muscles and the fascia (connective tissue) of the foot. Made from medical grade silicone, this ball has a specific durometer (hardness) and surface finish to ensure it grips onto the skin. The Massage Ball is available in Grey or Pink

Clinical research has proven the benefits of using this type of ball under the foot and along the arch - immediately improving balance. Also may help to increase blood flow, improve foot and ankle awareness and most importantly restore movement

This Foot Massage Ball is particularly useful for:

  • Symptoms:
  • Tired & aching, or stiff & rigid feet
  • Arch & heel pain
  • Achievable Results:
  • Improved balance, stability & mobility
  • Muscle release
  • Pain relief
  • Arch restoration

How to Use: Whilst seated or standing, simply place the Foot Massage Ball on the ground, and move your foot back and forth and side to side on top of the Foot Massage Ball to massage the underside of each foot

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