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How to Use - Flamingo Feet

The important first step is to find the largest spacer and place it in between the first and second toes. Then slot each toe into the open spaces down to the smaller toes. Move them down until they are comfortable and secure.  

Initially begin wearing Flamingo Feet for 20 minutes per day. Once comfortable, increase this time as tolerated. Once tolerted, daily usage should not exceed 4 hours.

For safety reasons do not sleep in Flamingo Feet. Note, Flamingo Feet are made with soft comfortable silicone, however please ensure that Flamingo Feet are not too tight and/or restricting blood flow. If circulation concerns present, cease use immediately. If you have nerve or blood flow insufficiency please seek advice from your healthcare professional prior to using the product.

Professional Treatment by a Physiotherapist, Podiatrist or Health Care Professional

The usage of Freestyle Feet products and associated exercises are general in nature and does not replace or substitute professional treatment. If pain worsens or you experience new symptoms you should cease use immediately and see your health professional.