• Before Making Your Purchase

    • Can Flamingo Feet benefit me?

      Flamingo Feet may assist in the prevention and treatment of toe disorders such as: - Bunions - Hammer toes - Claw toes - Mallet toes - Metatarsalgia They may also assist in improving toe alignment, gait mechanics, strength in the foot muscles and blood flow in the foot. Athletes, older populations and many more will appreciate the proven benefits of improved overall balance and stability, both static and dynamic.

    • How do Flamingo Feet work?

      Flamingo Feet work by gently spreading the toes, designed to restore natural alignment that is often lost due to a variety of reasons including poor fitting shoes, gait patterns and muscular imbalances. Similar to braces for our teeth, Flamingo Feet gently guide the toes into optimal alignment, resulting in gradual changes within the foot that can be controlled by the individual. This process helps to strengthen the foot muscles and brings about improvement in our biomechanics, gait, and may reduce injury risk.

    • Can using Flamingo Feet alone provide a complete cure?

      In some cases, we hear from customers that say wearing Flamingo Feet alone has solved all their issues. Whilst we LOVE hearing this, it is not usually as simple as this. The foot and ankle are a complex structure and there are many factors and forces at play. Flamingo Feet focus on toe positioning, stabilising the forefoot. Footwear choice is also very important for success, choosing shoes that are wide enough, flexible and relatively flat. Flamingo Feet should be used ideally in conjunction with a rehabilitation program that focusses on stretching tight muscles and strengthening weak muscles. This is why a beginner level exercise routine is included with all Flamingo Feet. It is important to note: any product, description, rehab or exercise program cannot replace independent medical advice. Any advice given is general in nature, a guide only and is based on best available scientific evidence and the clinical experience of any practitioners involved. We always recommend a consultation with a qualified medical practitioner or allied health expert who can assess and advise you if they think these products would be beneficial for your specific needs.

    • How do I determine if they will fit my feet?

      Flamingo Feet are currently available in 2 sizes. Our adult sized Flamingo Feet are “one size fits most”. We have found they will help feet sized between USA 6 and 12. We do have “Mini Flamingos” available for smaller feet and paediatric populations. Email us for information on these products. All feet are shaped differently and sometimes your Flamingo Feet may require some customisation to ensure an ideal fit. PLEASE NOTE: due to health and safety, we cannot exchange sizes if they have been tried on. Please choose your size carefully.

    • How do Flamingo Feet distinguish themselves from other toe spacers?

      Flamingo Feet are the only toe spacers listed with the TGA as a class 1 medical device. Other toe spacers are not designed to be worn whilst active – which is helpful to create a strong stretch, but does not help strengthen the muscles that are designed to maintain ideal alignment. Flamingo Feet should be used whilst moving – walking around, exercising and working out. This is only possible in wide toe shoes or barefeet or in socks. Many customers put them on once they get home from work, and walk around the house in them each evening which is a great place to start.

    • When can I anticipate results?

      Individual experiences will vary. Success with Flamingo Feet depends on factors such as age, motivation, frequency of use, activity levels, and consistent use of suitable footwear. Initial relief is often felt immediately, with more sustained improvement seen over several months. To achieve more lasting shifts in foot alignment and posture, a long term approach with consistency and motivation is required. For example, attempting to prevent progression of a bunion may show initial progress within a few months. Subsequent positive changes will occur over months or even years, therefore a long term commitment is required.

    • Can Flamingo Feet be worn while walking or running?

      Yes! We have had many runners, triathletes, swimmers, surfers and other sportspeople use these whilst training and competing. The footwear will need to be wide enough to accommodate them however. Having your toes spread wider whilst exercising positively impacts our gait mechanics and dynamic balance.

    • Is there anyone who should NOT use Flamingo Feet?

      Individuals with diabetes or reduced foot sensation, as well as those with compromised circulation (any form of vascular disease), should avoid using Flamingo Feet. If you are in any way unsure whether Flamingo Feet are suitable for you, consult a healthcare professional with a holistic approach before commencing use.

    • Are Flamingo Feet sold in pairs?

      Absolutely! Your purchase of Flamingo Feet includes a pair – one for each foot.

    • Do Flamingo Feet come with a warranty?

      All our products and programs come with a no questions asked, money back guarantee within 60 days. We ask that you at least try them for 15 days, as your feet and ankles need time to adjust. If you have followed the recommend regime/dosage and get no positive changes, we will be surprised, but send us the item back for a full refund. Shipping returns will be at your cost and once received, a full refund will be processed by the same payment method you use. One last thing - if a product does not make a positive change, please give us some feedback about your experience. Our commitment is to helping more people solve their foot and ankle issues, and your feedback may assist in developing improved products and services. Further details are available at: https://freestylefeet.com.au/pages/returns-policy We do however ask you try them daily for at least 15 days, to see if they are going to improve your feet.

  • Using Flamingo Feet

    • Are Flamingo Feet designated for left or right feet?

      Flamingo Feet are reversible! Each silicone spacer is identical, allowing them to be interchanged between the left and right foot.

    • How do I use Flamingo Feet?

      Place Flamingo Feet between your toes, whether barefoot or within naturally shaped footwear. Optimal results come from wearing them during weight-bearing activities.

    • How long do I wear Flamingo Feet?

      Gradually incorporate them into your foot care routine, starting with just 20 minutes on the first day and increasing by 20-minute intervals daily until comfortable. Once tolerated, daily usage should not exceed 4 hours. For safety reasons, do not sleep in Flamingo Feet. Please ensure they are not too tight and /or restricting blood flow. If circulation concerns present, cease use immediately. Similar to starting a fitness program, aligning and strengthening your feet and toes takes time. Positive changes require patience and might involve some initial discomfort. Regular use of Flamingo Feet, along with the transition to suitable footwear, should yield noticeable alignment improvements over a few months. With consistent use over years, feet become stronger, ultimately leading to self-sustained natural alignment.

    • What should I feel when using Flamingo Feet?

      Initially you will feel a stretching feeling. During this “wearing-in" phase, you might experience the following sensations: muscle fatigue, muscle soreness, tenderness. This is normal. As with any new activity, discomfort should diminish as muscle strength improves. You may feel slight muscle soreness similar to that felt after exercise or a strong stretch, this is to be expected and should reduce after 1-2 days. If this discomfort does not reduce or you experience a new symptom or sensation, please cease use and consult your local doctor or health professional immediately.

    • How do I clean my Flamingo Feet?

      They DO get dirty, especially if you wear them barefoot. Wash them in warm soapy water and then allow to air dry. This ensures they stay cleaner for longer and are easy to slip on. If the silicone becomes "sticky" use some Sorbolene moisturiser to help slide them on. DO not use chemical cleaners on them.