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Banish Bunions - Online Course

Banish Bunions - Online Course

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Less pain, straighter toes - take back control of your feet.

A complete treatment solution, for less than the cost of a single appointment. Compared to the pain, time off work and expense of surgery - this solution simply makes sense.

The Banish Bunions Online Course is designed to help people suffering with the pain of bunions. Can't get to your local Podiatrist or Physiotherapist to get help? Not a problem - this course brings Foot and Ankle Physiotherapist, Andrew Wynd into your home with this "follow along" course.

Who is this course for?

  • Bunion treatment for mild to moderate hallux valgus
  • Bunion prevention
  • Pre-operative and post-operative patients
  • Bunionette prevention and treatment 


This course is the equivalent to consulting expert Physiotherapist Andrew Wynd weekly for 6 weeks - which would cost in excess of $2,000!  

Featuring easy to follow steps and comprehensive videos, which you move through at your own pace and at times of your choosing. You can commence, review and conclude this course whenever you want.  

Originally designed to educate health professionals, this course has now been made available to the general public and has helped hundreds of people just like you.

Our Banish Bunions self-treatment, online course comprises:

  • Over 50 pages of crucial information and easy to follow steps
  • Weekly emails to support your progress
  • Practical instruction and exercises equivalent to visiting a physiotherapy clinic weekly for 6 weeks

If you notice bunions developing, or have a family history -  START this course now! The earlier you take action, the better the chance of delaying, or preventing painful surgery.  

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