Get more from your Feet  

with Flamingo Feet

Let's undo the damage

Our feet are designed to have lots of wiggle room and to spread naturally. Herein lies the dilemma! Fancy, great looking fashionable shoes and painful feet or getting around in bare-feet? We have to make a choice right? Wrong? Flamingo Feet are designed to undo the damage of wearing tight, poor fitting shoes.

Who can they help?

Flamingo feet have been designed to strengthen the muscles in your feet and ankles. They may assist individuals seeking improved balance, people with foot pain, barefoot runners, high-heel wearers, people with crooked toes and people who stand all day.

Designed to Relieve Pain

Flamingo Feet are like a "gym" workout for your feet. Pop them on at the end of a long day at the office. They are designed to undo the pressure and pain that has built up over the work day.


Flamingo Feet are easy to slip on and wear around the house.

Physiotherapist Tested

Tested by an Australian Sports Physiotherapist. They may help with:

  • Bunions/Bunionettes
  • Arch Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Tired and Aching feet
  • Balance
  • Toe Alignment

Ask the Experts...

Trying to get patients to do exercises on their feet is very challenging.

In this time poor world we live in, a solution that allows people to rehab at the same time as their normal day to day activities is a win for everyone.

Just put them on, walk around and bingo - your feet get the same workout. How easy is that?

How do they work?

Customer Reviews...

Grace Thek

Professional Triathlete, Physiotherapist and regular Podium Finisher 1/2 Ironmans

"With a long history of foot injuries, I am always looking for ways to take better care of my feet and this is why I use Flamingo Feet!"

"If you love your feet, they will love you back!"

"I had been suffering from recurring foot pain for close to 3 years and had semi regular physio to keep mobile and get through the periods where it was particularly bad. A couple of months ago my physio suggested I try the new flamingo feel toe spreaders she had recently heard about. I was skeptical but given the minimal expense, constant pain and ongoing cost of therapy eventually bought a pair. I am amazed at the difference these have made in such a short amount of time. I no longer ache, am mobile and able to get back into some of the hobbies I have missed. These have made a fantastic difference and I can’t recommend them enough."


"Having minimal movement in my big toe due to numerous injuries over the years and in more recent times noticing an overlapping in a 3 of my 4 other toes, a friend suggested that I try toe spreaders as a cost effective, non surgical way to potentially realign and return some movement into my toes and feet

6 weeks in, I am pleasantly surprised. My big toe has its largest range of movement and least pain in recent years.
My feet in general seem more balanced and connected to the ground through those other 4 toes. I have also noticed a reduction in arch pain."

Rob B

"I was paranoid about developing bunions like my mother had. After wearing these toe spreaders for the recommended 20 minutes, my feet felt great. Guess what? 1 year on and my bunions have not gotten any bigger, in fact they seem to be shrinking."