Love high heels? But hate the pain?

The solution to sore feet has finally arrived.

High heels look great, but they come at a cost.

Our feet are designed to have lots of wiggle room and spread naturally. Great looking fashionable shoes look amazing, but can leave you with crooked toes and sore feet.

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Let's undo the damage

Flamingo Feet are like a "gym" workout for your feet. Pop them on at the end of a long day at the office and undo the pressure and pain that has built up over the work day.

They can help to:

  • Relieve Pain
  • Improve Balance
  • Improve alignment
  • Improve foot appearance

Why Now?

If you are working from home, walking around the house in barefeet - now is the perfect time to work on your feet.

Flamingo Feet are simple to use, cost effective and designed by an Australian Physiotherapist. They are the only silicone toes spreaders to come with a clinically proven exercise guide.  

When you finally return to the office, your feet will be ready to go in your favourite heels.

UGLY Bunions

Flamingo Feet are the perfect answer for women worried about developing unsightly bunions

Love your Heels

My heels look great and they make me feel good about myself.

Now they can feel great too....

100% Money Back Guarantee

No Risk, 60 day, no questions asked money back policy.

"I was paranoid about developing bunions like my mother had. After wearing these toe spreaders for the recommended 20 minutes, my feet felt great so I am now wearing them for one hour each night. Guess what? 1 year on and my bunions have not gotten any bigger, in fact they seem to be shrinking. Thank you Freestyle Feet"

Victoria B

2 APR 20179 12:21

"After a day in high heels my feet are killing me.

I slip these on at the end of the day, walk around and no more pain.

Flamingo Feet allow me to continue to wear my favourite shoes and lets be honest, I am not about to stop wearing my heels"

Fiona S

15 SEP 2019, 14:42

Sold out

Sold out