Get straighter toes, with Flamingo Feet

Bunions, hammer toes and clawed toes can be painful, difficult to fit into shoes and ugly.

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Physiotherapist Approved

Leading Sports Physiotherapist, Andrew Wynd is a foot and ankle expert. He has worked with patients trying to avoid bunion surgery and those recovering after foot surgery. Andrew has personally tested Flamingo Feet on hundreds of patients.

Cost Effective

Costing a lot less than a Podiatrist or Physiotherapist appointment, there is nothing to lose. With hassle free, 60 day returns try them today see what results you might achieve.

Straighter toes as you walk

Flamingo Feet work whilst you are walking around. Acting like braces do on your teeth, they gently encourage ideal alignment whilst strengthening muscles in your feet. Simple, easy - just slip them on.

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