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Our Story...

Hi there. My name is Andrew Wynd, founder of Freestyle Feet. I am an Australian Physiotherapist (Physical Therapist) with a post graduate Masters of Sports Physiotherapy and a passion for helping people solve their foot and ankle problems.

This passion began almost 20 years ago when I began working with some of Melbourne's most respected foot and ankle surgeons. Learning all about the feet, ankle and the lower limb began an obsession. This was combined with my own athletic pursuits as I spent 10 years as an elite athlete representing Australia Internationally on the Australian Cross Country Ski Team.


Andrew Representing Australia at the 2009 World Championships

The Injury...

Whilst I became an expert at diagnosing, assessing and treating all sorts of foot and ankle complaints, I had never really had any major injuries to that part of my body (except for a few stress fractures...). That all changed when racing my last race in Canada, which happened to be a 15km freestyle skiing race. I had borrowed a team mate's boots and could not fit my normal racing orthotics in them. I rounded an uphill turn, caught a ski and WHAM! Something in my foot felt like it had exploded! 10 years on, countless opinions later and I learned something really important. No one could diagnose my injury, let alone know how to fix it. 

It was time to treat myself and search for my own solutions. My journey has increased my knowledge and clinical skills ten-fold, but most importantly I discovered a real need for products and solutions to help people solve their OWN foot and ankle pain.

Our Mission...

Is twofold.

  1. To share the secrets through innovative products and programs I have purposely sourced and designed to help more people.
  2. To educate other health professionals to a level where they can then in turn help even more people in their clinics and hospitals.

Welcome to Freestyle feet.