The simple ankle sprain....DOES NOT EXIST

The simple ankle sprain....DOES NOT EXIST

A lateral ankle sprain (LAS) is one of the most common injuries in sport. It is extremely common in direction change sports, like basketball and tennis.

In Australia alone there is reported to be 2 million ankle sprains each year, with many not seeking any advice or treatment at all. This statistic is extremely worrying..


Because many ankle sprains can lead to further problems, not just at the foot and ankle, but even cause problems at the knee, hip and back! Who knew?

Many ankle sprains progress to something called "chronic ankle instability", which in simple terms is rolling the ankle over and over. This in turn can lead to greater and greater damage at the ankle and arthritis. Yikes - sounds scary hey?

There are lots of ways of preventing an ankle sprain including balance and landing drills, strengthening the muscles in the area and plenty more evidence based approaches. Another really useful option is taping or wearing an ankle brace. Andy Murray, the famous tennis player - never steps onto the court without them.

If you have rolled your ankle, make sure you seek professional advice and consider using tape or an ankle brace for at least the next 6 months after you return to sport.

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