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High Heels - Fashion at a cost?

One of the most common questions I get on a regular basis in the clinic is “Do my high heels cause bunions?”

The answer is a tricky one to be precise, especially because there is not a scientific answer to that question. Bunions can form from a variety of factors, including genetics and injury. Footwear does appear to play a role and this makes sense doesn’t it?

If the toes are squashed together for long enough, they will move. That I am confident about. The conversation usually turns to one about how good they look and “Do I really need to stop wearing them?”

My answer is always the same to this one. “It is UP TO YOU!” It is your body, your feet and only you know how you feel about it. How high heels might make you feel. Perhaps the positive effects outweigh the negative? I can’t pretend to fully understand that.

Now however there is something to help counteract the “squishing” that happens to the toes when wearing high heels. The Flamingo Feet does the opposite of what a narrow shoe does. It creates space between the toes. Clients have been using them after a full day in their fashion shoes to try and negate any possible negative effects and the feedback has been extremely positive.

Ask yourself this simple question? Do my feet hurt after wearing high heels? Has the shape of my foot changed over the years?

If you answer yes to either of the above questions, if might be worth seeking a professional opinion or try some Flamingo Feet for yourself?

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