Grace Thek Loves Her Flamingo Feet

Grace Thek Loves Her Flamingo Feet

Meet Grace Thek

Grace Thek is a professional triathlete who has just taken home first place at Challenge Wanaka in New Zealand. 
Grace swears by her Flamingo Feet and credits them in helping her strengthen her feet and run faster. She is one of the fastest runners in the triathlon pro-circuit!
Here's what grace had to say about her Flamingo Feet...

"As a professional triathlete I am always looking for ways to optimise my recovery following races and workouts! Flamingo Feet are a great tool to help my feet recover from a hard run and be ready to go for the next!"

-Grace Thek

Flamingo Feet have been worn by Olympians, Professional WTA Tennis Players, World Championship Skiers, and pro surfers.
Anyone wanting to improve their foot function and athletic performance deserves to unlock the power in their feet.
Benefit #1

Improved Balance

Research has shown both static and dynamic balance are improved with consistent wearing of toe spreaders. Who doesn't want to feel more stable and balanced?

Benefit #2

Stronger Toe Muscles

Recent published data shows the toe muscles contribute to athletic performance more than we thought previously. Flamingo Feet help you get the most out of your toes. Just don't forget to wear them when you are strengthening your leg muscles, that is when then benefits really multiply. 

Don't delay, start getting your feet on track today!


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