Bunions - What are they? How Do I fix them?

Bunions - What are they? How Do I fix them?

Bunions are extremely common and have a variety of causes, including genetics, poor-fitting footwear, injury and others.

Because so many factors are involved in them forming, having a simple, one-size fits all approach will not be very effective.

Firstly, what is a bunion?

A bunion refers to the excessive bony growth that occurs at the big toe joint on the foot (you can get a Tailor's bunion or bunionette on the 5th toe also...) in conjunction and as a result of mal-alignment of the bones in the feet.

More than just a bony bump, it involves the mechanics of the ENTIRE foot, so a holistic, entire foot approach is the best for understanding it - then of course the best way of fixing it.

Apart from avoiding narrow, tight fitting shoes - re alignment of the toes and feet is an important aspect of early management. This can be achieved with toe spreaders and also with manual therapy from a professional, such as a Physiotherapist or Podiatrist.

Secondly, strengthening the supporting structures - especially the small muscles of the feet help maintain this alignment. Take a look at Freestyle Feet's You Tube channel for lots of useful tips and tricks on how to manage your own bunion.


Finally, if the alignment is too great or the deformity has become fixed, surgery is the only viable option. So act fast, act now and get to work on your feet!

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